Growth Group Discussion Questions - 3-17-19

1.  What's one thing you learned, or a question you still have, from Sunday's message?

2.  How did confusion and ignorance over Christ's return affect these believers in Thessalonica?  How does good theology comfort us? 

3.  As Christians, how is our grieving different than the rest of the world?  How can we comfort and encourage one another in times of grief?  

4.  Should we be concerned with the timing of Christ's second coming? Why or why not?

5.  What does it look like to stay awake spiritually and not drift off to sleep?  

6.  How does knowing who you are and where you're going keep you from being pulled back into the darkness?  When do you "feel the pull" the most?

7.  Practically, how can we encourage one another to be alert, armed and ready for Christ's return?  

8.  What's one action step that you want to take from this text and apply this week to your life?